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1/8” Light Riser Hanging Sys Heavy Duty (2 per) (12/cs


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The Light Riser Hanging System makes hanging reflectors, filters or other equipment a snap. Simply secure one of the quick release carabiner clips to a firm location, attach the other clip to the object you want to hang, and then pull the cord until the desired height is reached. It’s as simple as that.

• Holds up to 150 lbs (75 lbs per ratchet)
• Quick release switches let you loosen the rope and re-adjust to the height required
• Locking system secures your object in place
• Durable construction will never break, slip, or rust
• Includes 4 quick release carabiner clips and 8 feet of tough braided polypropylene rope (1/8″ diameter)


Additional information

Weight 0.3400 lbs
Dimensions 6.890 × 4.300 × 1.770 in