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Hyper-Logic Reverse Osmosis Membrane 4040 B-ALE


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HyperLogic 4″ x 40″ FRP Wrapped, Low Energy, Commercial RO Membranes are typically found in our RO systems utilizing the White PVC Membrane Housings; Commercial and Industrial Series. Our genuine, OEM quality, TFC (thin film composite) membrane material delivers consistent, reliable results with tap or brackish water alike, including our Nutrient Reclaim Systems. Periodic membrane cleanings should be performed for consistant operating results. Acidic and Alkaline cleaning chemicals are available for removal of typical fouling such as Calcium Carbonate & Biological growth. Membrane replacement schedule will be diictated based on RO production & performance characteristics. Made in the USA from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility and are 100% Quality and Performance Tested. Formerly HyperLogic HL 11608

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Weight 7.600 lbs
Dimensions 45.000 × 5.000 × 5.000 in