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Snip’n Dip High Strength Home Gardener Pack .75oz


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Hormex offers a choice of five hormone-based Hormogenized Rooting Powders. After 50 years its still the finest root producing powder and the only rooting powders to offer 5 strengths for every rooting variety and propagating condition.

This Snip n’ Dip High Strength Home Gardener Pack includes one container each of Hormex’s No. 16, No. 30 and No. 45 rooting powders.

  • Clone plants and root cuttings
  • Superior results compared to any other rooting product
  • Naturally time released for best results
  • Works in all growing mediums
  • Great for air layering & grafting
  • Used by the worlds top propagators for over 55 years
  • Hormogenized for consistent plant growth

Exclusively used for rooting of cuttings (cloning, asexual reproduction) and air layering of plants for reproduction.

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