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Sun System 1 LEC 315 Watt Etelligent Compatible – 347 Volt


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The Sun System? 1 LEC? brand 315 watt ballast is optimized for cutting-edge Light Emitting Ceramic? technology. This ballast has a thermally optimized non-fan cooled aluminum housing while operating on 50/60 Hz low frequency, square wave which makes this electronic ballast highly efficient. The Sun System? 1 LEC? 315 ballast operates at 347 volt and has a rated life of 50,000 hours. Sun System? 1 LEC? 315 watt dimmable ballast operates a 315 watt ceramic metal halide lamp, ANSI: C182, at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, & 100%. This ballast includes a prewired lamp cord receptacle that is compatible with all Sun System? LEC? brand reflectors. The Sun System? 1 LEC? features controller-compatible signal ports for on/off/dimming functions as well as an ambient thermal temperature probe. The Sun System? 1 Etelligent Controller Kit #902245, (sold separately), allows up to 400 Sun System? 1 ballasts to be daisy-chained together. This Etelligent controller allows wired management of the on/off/dimming capabilities of Sun System?1 ballasts. Comes with a hard wired 8 foot 347 volt power cord with an L24-20P twist lock plug as well as a 15 foot Etelligent signal wire.

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Weight 6.100 lbs
Dimensions 8.600 × 11.800 × 3.500 in

Sun System Ballast